Volunteer Approval Process

What to Expect When You Apply to Become a Jocelyn House Volunteer

Step 1 - Applying

  • Applying to volunteer is much like applying for a job.  We take many factors into consideration before accepting volunteers at Jocelyn House.  Because we take our responsibility for our residents seriously, we screen all applicants thoroughly.  Completing your application form as thoroughly as possible will help us assess your suitability for volunteering in this health care & compassionate environment.
  • When you complete the application be sure to provide three current references with correct phone numbers.  It is always a good idea to let your references know that you included their name on the application and that someone from Jocelyn House will be calling.
  • If you are under the age of eighteen (18) years, you must ensure that all parent/guardian sections of the application are completed fully and signatures are present.  Your application will not be processed if this has not been completed.

Step 2 - The Interview

  • Once our office receives your application, a Jocelyn House staff member will call you to arrange a date and time for an interview.
  • The interview is one of our ways of finding out more about you and your interests.
  • During the interview, feel free to ask any questions you may have about volunteering at Jocelyn House.
  • We will also discuss expectations of volunteers and the importance of confidentiality and a respectful workplace.

Step 3 - Screening

  • After your interview, a Jocelyn House staff member will contact your references.
  • Depending on the volunteer role(s) that you are interested in, a criminal records check may be required.  You will be notified of any required checks during your interview.

Step 4 - The Offer

  • If a successful match is made between your skills and abilities and an available position, a Jocelyn House staff member will contact you to offer a volunteer position.  If you decide to accept the offer, a start date will be determined.
  • If you are a student pursuing credit hours for your volunteering, it is your responsibility to track your hours to ensure you are meeting your school’s requirements.

Step 5 - Training & Orientation

  • On your first day, your immediate placement supervisor will provide you with a general orientation to the House and go over the responsibilities of your volunteer position.  You will then receive specific training for your volunteer position as well.  You are now ready to begin volunteering!