Comfort and Care

Since 1985, Jocelyn House has provided an environment that combines comfort and care for people who are living the end of their lives and can’t stay in their own home, but choose not to be in a hospital.

Jocelyn House is a comfortable, inviting home for four residents, set on a beautiful naturally-wooded riverside property in Winnipeg. Together, staff, volunteers, families and residents at Jocelyn House create and foster an environment of trust, respect, support, and acceptance, in a safe, secure setting.

High Quality Progressive Care

High quality, progressive care is a cornerstone of Jocelyn House. Residents and their families have the information, knowledge, control and power to make decisions about care. In the spirit of providing the best quality of care, families are encouraged to participate and ask questions.

At Jocelyn House, people come and go as they would in their own homes. There are opportunities to be in the company of others and for times of solitude. Residents and families have the supports they need, so they can relax, reminisce, create new memories or share meaningful discussions.

Feels Like Home

Jocelyn House staff and volunteers truly understand and are deeply committed to end of life care. They have the skills, training and support to be outstanding at their tasks. They have time to spend with residents and families.