Jocelyn Hutton Foundation

Jocelyn House Hospice’s ability to realize its mission and vision of care is actively supported through the fundraising efforts of the Jocelyn Hutton Foundation.

Our Mission

Our mission is to carry on the dream of Jocelyn Hutton - adding life to final days for the terminally ill, and their loved ones. In the comfort of a home-like setting by raising funds and soliciting community support.

Counting On Community Support

Since its earliest days, Jocelyn House has counted on the support of the community to transform Jocelyn Hutton’s home into a caring environment for the terminally ill, a task undertaken for many years by the Jocelyn House Hospice Board of directors.

In December 2011, the Board of Jocelyn House Hospice established the Jocelyn Hutton Foundation as a separate entity to grow its fund raising program. 

The volunteer Board members of the Jocelyn Hutton Foundation work with partners in the community to plan and coordinate a variety of activities to supplement government funding.

Funds are raised through direct appeals to donors, and events such as the Sunday Supper, Band Together, Behind Closed Doors at St. Vital Centre, and coming this June, Friends for Life Ladies Luncheon.  The Jocelyn Hutton Foundation also receives donations organized by third parties, community groups hosting activities in its name. Annually the Jocelyn Hutton Foundation raises approximately $350,000.

All Funds Are Granted Back to Jocelyn House Hospice

Donations support the purchase of groceries, maintain and improve living conditions, support the spiritual care and volunteer programs and provide the small but comforting extras to make our residents’ last days the best they can be.

Our volunteers, donors and partners are family and friends of residents, business owners and philanthropists in our community. They are passionate about helping people make the most of their last days. They are people who believe in hospice. They are people who are making a difference. They are people like you.

If you would like to make a difference, organize an event for hospice or make a donation, please contact Jackie Stephen, Executive Director at (204) 253-5898 or