Board of Directors

Jocelyn Hutton Foundation Inc.

Sandi Mowat, Chair

Kevin Prins, Treasurer

Becky Parkes

Sarah Myk

Maureen Hancharyk, Chair - Jocelyn House Inc.



It is our mission at Jocelyn House Hospice to carry on the dream of Jocelyn Hutton: adding life to final days for the terminally ill, and their loved ones, by providing care and comfort in a home-like setting.  Jocelyn House Hospice’s ability to realize its mission and vision of care is actively supported through the fundraising efforts of the Jocelyn Hutton Foundation.

We are now accepting applications from individuals interested in joining the Jocelyn Hutton Foundation Board of Directors. If interested, please contact our Executive Director, Jackie Stephen at

Thank you for your interest in supporting Jocelyn House Hospice; together we add life to final days.